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Why We Love

Helen Fisher

5 mins

3 key insights

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Why We Love delivers a scientific explanation for love, shows you how it developed historically and evolutionarily, tells you what we're all attracted to and where we differ, and of course gives you actionable advice to deal with both the exciting, successful romance in your life, as well as its sometimes inevitable fallout.


Why We Love

Why We Love

by Helen Fisher


Isn't it funny? Love is one of the most crucial parts of a happy life, yet we learn nothing about it in school, and aren't taught anything about it in college (unless you study biology or anthropology, maybe). Love books don't perform nearly as well as other self-help books.

Today, we'll change that. You'll learn something from the most referenced scholar in the love department. Her name is Dr. Helen Fisher and she's been researching what makes us fall in and out of love for 40+ years.

Why We Love explains the most complex thing in the world from a biological, historical, evolutionary and of course practical standpoint, making it one of the prime books on love. Dying for some dopamine?

Favorite quote

Falling in love was not really a choice; it just struck me.


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