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What Is Psychotherapy? By The School of Life, Alain de Botton

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This collection of essays from The School of Life offers a unique perspective on the insights of psychotherapy, and why we could all benefit from it.

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We are too timid or too assertive; too rigid or too accommodating; too focused on material success or maddeningly lackadaisical. We are obsessively eager around sex or painfully wary and nervous in the face of our own erotic impulses.

The School of Life


Psychotherapy is often looked at with suspicion, particularly by those who are doubtful of its claims. The practice of getting to know ourselves can seem frivolous, and we may feel too stable or fortunate to seriously consider it. But through psychotherapy, we can all be less sad, timid, argumentative, and lonely.

With a reputation for making psychology and philosophy accessible beyond the academy, The School of Life distills the biggest ideas of the last century into essays, courses, and animated videos. Co-founded by philosopher Alain de Botton, the educational company draws on decades of knowledge to help readers and viewers learn more about themselves and find fulfillment.

What is Psychotherapy? is a collection of essays that explains why we need psychotherapy and the outcomes we can expect from the practice. By dispelling myths about psychotherapy, this book illustrates how every human being can benefit from getting to know themselves better.

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    Psychotherapy helps us deal with the psychological injuries of our childhoods
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