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Welcome To The Vibe Shift

Culture Club., Jasmine Wallis, Maggie Zhou

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In this March 2022 episode of the Culture Club podcast, hosts Jasmine Wallis and Maggie Zhou discuss the upcoming change in cultural aesthetics and trends, also known as the 'vibe shift.'


Welcome To The Vibe Shift

Welcome To The Vibe Shift

by Culture Club.


As the world recovers from two years of quarantines and social distancing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion industry is eager to know what new trend will mark the transition into a post-pandemic era.

Culture Club is a weekly podcast in which Australian journalists and fashionistas Jasmine Wallis and Maggie Zhou discuss current affairs, fashion, and the latest trends in pop culture.

In this episode from March 2022, Wallis and Zhou talk about the next vibe shift — a change in mainstream culture predicted by American journalist Allison P. Davis and trend forecaster Sean Monahan.

Favorite quote

Essentially a vibe shift is just a turning of the tides for trends, it's when culture and aesthetics change.

- Jasmine Wallis

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