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Welcome to the United States of Anxiety

Jen Lancaster

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Author Jen Lancaster explores the conditions that contribute to high levels of anxiety in the United States.


Welcome to the United States of Anxiety

Welcome to the United States of Anxiety

by Jen Lancaster


Polls show that Americans are more stressed now than at any other time in modern history, even though the country has never been safer. So why is it that Americans are so anxious?

Jen Lancaster began her career as an author after being laid off from a technology company in the aftermath of 9/11, and has since authored several books on self-improvement. In Welcome to the United States of Anxiety, Lancaster explores social and cultural drivers of anxiety for many Americans and offers suggestions on how to heal our collective psyche.

Favorite quote

Americans feel like we're under more duress than the nation of Venezuela, where the lights are out, the inflation rate is 10 million percent, civil war's about to erupt, and citizens are eating cats and dogs to survive.

- Jen Lancaster

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