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Weird Parenting Wins

Hillary Frank

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This book helps you embrace creativity in parenting by sharing some strange ways that mothers and fathers have had success with their children.


Weird Parenting Wins

Weird Parenting Wins

by Hillary Frank


Anyone who has kids can tell you raising them isn't easy. Between times of incomparable laughter and joy, there are times of sleep deprivation, tears, tantrums, and drama. Being tasked with taking care of small humans can be daunting, but there are ways to make things easier for both you and the child.

Hillary Frank is an author and podcaster who has contributed to This American Life. In Weird Parenting Wins, Frank offers unique and creative tips for parenting that differ from conventional advice. By harnessing your imagination and not being afraid to get a little weird, you can handle difficult parenting situations harmoniously.

Favorite quote

If you have two kids, assign one even, the other odd. Then whenever there's a question of who gets the 'advantage', it's decided by what day it is. Who gets their pick of the car seat? Odd kid, because today's the third. Who gets the last hug at drop-off? Even kid, because today's the sixteenth.

- Hillary Frank

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