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Video Interview Tips

Jenny Foss

5 mins

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Video Interview Tips shares everything there is to know about video interviews, full of practical and simple ways to seize the opportunity and achieve maximum results.


Video Interview Tips

Video Interview Tips

by Jenny Foss


The recruiting process is still the most common way of hiring, and more and more employers are using video interviews to pick their future employees. This course, Video Interview Tips, offers information that can help to understand why these types of interviews are useful for companies, as well as how to prepare for them and how to execute them in the best possible way.

As founder and CEO of the career website, Jenny Foss has worked in several professions, gathering knowledge of how recruiters and HR managers make decisions. With her courses, tutorials, and how-to guides, Foss helps job seekers to make a plan, work on their marketability, and build a successful career. Foss knows that managing a career is not an easy thing to do, especially since no one teaches us how to do it, so she offers to assist applicants and reveal the secret of making a winning plan to get the job.

Favorite quote

Finish strong even if you're completely spent from the effort. There's absolutely no sense in investing all that time and effort just to fizzle out at the end.

- Jenny Foss

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