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Understanding Gender Inequality

University of Exeter

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This course from University of Exeter discusses the difference between gender and sex, the root causes of gender inequality, the history of feminist movements, and issues concerning gender-mainstreaming.


Understanding Gender Inequality

Understanding Gender Inequality

by University of Exeter


Women make up half of the global population, yet only a few have been able to make decisions about the world's social, political, and economic future.

Understanding Gender Inequality is an online course from FutureLearn, written by University of Exeter professor Dr. Emma Jeanes and led by research assistants for gender equality Lauren Castle and Jemma Rimmer. The course aims to show you why the gender equality gap persists in a 21st-century world.

In this course, you will learn how social norms reinforce gender inequality, how four waves of feminist movements have historically challenged the patriarchy, and how to make our society more equal for future generations.

Favorite quote

Gender is an identity-based social or cultural construct that represents how someone is perceived or how they feel. It is also a way to categorize people in a systematic way, and project upon them certain expectations.

- Lauren Castle

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