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Turning an Internship Into a Job

Valerie Sutton

5 mins

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This course explores how internships can result in permanent job offerings and the tricks you can use to increase your chances of doing so.


Turning an Internship Into a Job

Turning an Internship Into a Job

by Valerie Sutton


Internships, paid or unpaid, provide a gateway for inexperienced individuals to get experience in an industry and company they enjoy. Being an intern has plenty of benefits, from refining old skills, developing new skills, networking, and getting a taste of the job and industry itself. In this course, professional career coach Valerie Sutton demonstrates how and why an internship can be the foundation of a successful career. The course helps distinguish between unpaid and paid internships to see which option is right for you, as well as showing how to network and build key connections during your internship.

Favorite quote

Internships are an opportunity to confirm your career interests, grow your skills, and build networks that will make it easier for you to find that full time job once you graduate.

- Valerie Sutton

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