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Time Management: Working from Home

Dave Crenshaw

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This popular course from Dave Crenshaw offers strategies to help you harness and address the benefits and challenges specific to remote work.


Time Management: Working from Home

Time Management: Working from Home

by Dave Crenshaw


Time Management Fundamentals: Working From Home outlines how both the benefits and challenges of working from home revolve around freedom. Transitioning into a work-from-home job runs risks at both ends of the spectrum, whether it's in the form of overworking or overindulging in play and relaxation. A home office lacks the cultural reinforcement of the traditional office setting, like what time you start and stop your day, as well as when to take breaks.

In this course, American author and small business expert Dave Crenshaw introduces a follow up to his first course, Time Management Fundamentals, specifically outlining steps to success for at-home and remote workers.

As a remote worker, you have the freedom to create your own schedule and cultivate what boundaries you set in your day. This course gives you the tools to create an effective WFH strategy that allows you to take more advantage of your day and productivity.

Favorite quote

Just as rules of driving allow people to reach their destination, but also keep everyone safe, boundaries about working from home help you be more productive, but also avoid the pitfalls of too much freedom.

- Dave Crenshaw

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