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This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

Annie Grace

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This Naked Mind challenges commonly held beliefs about alcohol and the role it plays in our lives and society, providing science-backed information on addiction, health, and how to stop drinking for good.


This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

by Annie Grace


Every drinker has once had the experience of waking up with such a pounding headache that they vow: 'I'm never drinking again.' For most, this thought process is only temporary. However, for some, it really does spur the decision to stop drinking for good.

Marketing professional Annie Grace wrote This Naked Mind when, at the age of 35, she began to question her nightly wine habit. Grace has helped thousands of people to stop drinking with This Naked Mind. She has since gone on to launch a podcast of the same name with nearly two million downloads, and in 2018 wrote another book called The Alcohol Experiment.

In This Naked Mind, Grace seeks to upend our beliefs about alcohol, helping us to make conscious and deliberate decisions around drinking. Through personal anecdotes and scientific research, Grace exposes the poisonous nature of alcohol, explains how addiction works, and equips us with tools on how to mindfully engage with an alcohol-centric society.

Favorite quote

Alcohol addiction is so insidious because of how well we hide it, even from ourselves. We are ashamed to question our drinking… Because no one is talking about the problem that so many have, we allow it to grow.

- Annie Grace

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