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Think and Grow Rich for Women

Sharon L. Lechter

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Think and Grow Rich for Women is a phenomenal guide for what it takes to design your own success, achieve your goals, and overcome the fears that are holding you back.


Think and Grow Rich for Women

Think and Grow Rich for Women

by Sharon L. Lechter


Although women are now found at all levels of businesses, they often still struggle to manifest their desires for success and change, especially in male-dominated industries. Now there is a book that has taken traditional male-oriented business advice and tailored it to women's experiences and needs.

Sharon Lechter is a businesswoman well known for co-authoring Rich Dad, Poor Dad, as well as the founder of Pay Your Family First. Lechter's book is a modern update of Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich, geared towards women seeking to move their lives forward.

The author's track record in business and publishing is a testament to her planning and leadership abilities. Women in the workplace, at home, or in education will all find something here to help them map their goals and overcome their fears .

Favorite quote

The only person we can truly change, lives inside of us.

- Sharon Lechter

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