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The World's Water Crisis, Explained

Joe Posner, Ezra Klein

5 mins

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This episode of the Vox docuseries explains the major causes behind the world's water crisis and how pricing water can motivate people to consume smartly.


The World's Water Crisis, Explained

The World's Water Crisis, Explained

by Joe Posner


We start our mornings expecting to find clean and fresh water coming out of the faucet. But what if one day we find that the clean and fresh water that we have taken for granted is no longer our common reality?

Explained is a Netflix series produced by Vox Media with journalist Ezra Klein and production designer Joe Posner that examines and unpacks the complexities of the modern world. This episode explores the world's water shortage, and proposed solutions to it.

Expert interviews and analysis of cities around the world shine a light on the global distribution of water and the ways we can control its consumption, from regulation to market pricing. The water crisis is a human-made crisis that affects us all, but we have the means to fix it.

Favorite quote

There's no sense of value to what is really an incredibly invaluable resource in water. But then when we run out, we find what the cost of water truly is.

- Betsy Otto, water resources analyst

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