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The Troubles

Tim Pat Coogan

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Irish author Tim Pat Coogan provides a historical account of the Troubles: a long era of violence, resistance, and attempts for peace in Northern Ireland.


The Troubles

The Troubles

by Tim Pat Coogan


The centuries-old conflict between the English and the Irish culminated in an intense era of violence known as the Troubles, which was concentrated in Northern Ireland and lasted for three decades.

During the peak of the Troubles, Tim Pat Coogan served as editor of The Irish Press, though he is best known for his books on Irish history, which include the IRA, Ireland Since the Rising, and On the Blanket.

In The Troubles, Coogan chronicles the history of the civil rights movement in Ireland, the violent years of the Troubles in the north, and the events that led to the Good Friday Agreement.

Favorite quote

Terror is the basis of optimism.

- Tim Pat Coogan

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