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The Telomere Effect

Elizabeth Blackburn

5 mins

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The Telomere Effect unravels the mysteries of aging in plain English, providing us with precious tips for growing old as healthily as possible.


The Telomere Effect

The Telomere Effect

by Elizabeth Blackburn


Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of each chromosome of DNA to stop it from unraveling and becoming illegible. As we get older, our telomeres naturally shrink, preventing cells from replenishing themselves and causing the characteristic signs of aging.

But telomeres can grow as well as shrink — and we have the power to help them. Elissa Epel is an American health psychologist and Elizabeth Blackburn is an Australian-American Nobel prize laureate whose research focuses on telomeres. Together in The Telomere Effect: Living Younger, Healthier, Longer, Epel and Blackburn translate a large volume of scientific research about telomeres into information we can all understand and learn from.

Favorite quote

Genes load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.

- Elissa Epel and Elizabeth Blackburn

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