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The Super Bowl

David Fischer

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Prolific sportswriter David Fischer brings us an accessible history of the first 50 Super Bowls, packed with extensive stats, pictures, and quotes.


The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl

by David Fischer


If you've ever wished for an immersive compendium of stories, facts, stats, and opinions on the first 50 years of America's greatest sporting spectacle, look no further. This book covers the origins of the Super Bowl, following its growth via the legendary contests and characters that keep adding to the store of national memories.

David Fischer has worked for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, The National Sports Daily, and NBC Sports, and is a senior U.S. sports consultant for Guinness World Records. Fischer's comprehensive work on the Super Bowl shines a spotlight on serial winners, noble losers, and memorable characters as he presents the history of this beloved sporting tradition.

Favorite quote

I make some tough decisions every day, but I've never decided on an outside kick in the second half of the Super Bowl. That took some guts.

- Barack Obama, on Super Bowl XLIV

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