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The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

John Sviokla, Mitch Cohen

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The Self-Made Billionaire Effect looks at the five dualities billionaires characteristically exhibit, which put them in a different category than most employees.


The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

by John Sviokla


The Self-Made Billionaire Effect is the result of a cooperation of Mitch Cohen, PwC's vice chairman, and one of his colleagues, John Sviokla. They researched self-made billionaires to find out what made them stand out from regular employees, entrepreneurs, and even millionaires.

The result is The Self-Made Billionaire Effect, which puts self-made billionaires in one of two very distinct categories of people, and observes the five habits, or rather dualities, that allow them to create value on such a massive scale. With these insights, you'll be able to embrace the billionaire mindset and work on your goals you can reap more profit than you ever have.

Favorite quote

Creativeness is the ability to see relationships where none exist.

- Mitch Cohen

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