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The Promise of a PencilBy Adam Braun

In a Nutshell

The Promise of a Pencil narrates the story of how Adam Braun, a privileged, average college kid, shook off what society expected of him and created a life of significance and success by starting his own charity, which now has built hundreds of schools for children in need.

Favorite quote

The single most powerful element of youth is that you don't have the life experiences to know what can't be done.

Adam Braun


What do you want most in the world? Ten million dollars? Your own house? A Ferrari? Imagine asking someone that question, and they respond with, "a pencil." That's exactly what happened to Adam Braun. When he was traveling through India, he asked a little boy this question. Humbled, he gave the boy one of his own pencils. Braun couldn't believe that something that meant so little to him could mean the world to someone else, and so decided that he would embrace the giving power he and many of his fellow Americans had.

His 'for-purpose' organization, Pencils of Promise, is one of the most notable charities in the world and has built more than 300 schools around the globe, helping more than 35,000 children receive the education they'd never had. The Promise of a Pencil tells his story, and delivers practical advice on how you can follow your own dreams too.

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    You’re not following your intuition often enough – so do it more
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