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The Power of Privilege

June Sarpong

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The Power of Privilege provides a list of practical and informed suggestions on how white people can start having open conversations about race and privilege, and become better allies to people of color.


The Power of Privilege

The Power of Privilege

by June Sarpong


Coming to terms with our own privilege is not easy. But how can white people discuss our privilege when any conversation about it often feels like walking on eggshells?

June Konadu Sarpong is a television broadcaster and presenter who has been named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her work. As the BBC's first-ever Director of Creative Diversity and the author of books like Diversify and The Power of Women, Sarpong works to promote diversity across all forms of media.

In this book, the author discusses the background and realities of racial discrimination and provides a list of suggestions on how privilege can be used as a tool for change.

Favorite quote

When you are used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

- June Sarpong

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