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The Now Habit

Neil A. Fiore

5 mins

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The Now Habit is a strategic program to help eliminate procrastination from our lives, bring a sense of fun and motivation into our work, and enjoy our well-earned spare time without feeling guilty.


The Now Habit

The Now Habit

by Neil A. Fiore


If you don't focus on what will make your life better, the best you can hope for is that your life won't get worse. Bringing the fun and drive you had as a kid into your adult work is essential for leading a fulfilling existence.

Neil Fiore is a bestselling author, speaker, and world-renowned psychologist. Published in 1988, The Now Habit is Fiore's revolutionary guide to enhancing productivity and removing procrastination from our lives. In this book, Fiore discusses the many personal and professional benefits of productivity, showing how we can set ourselves free from our distracting habits.

Favorite quote

The choice is not working or not working, but which type of work; even feeling guilty because of procrastinating requires some effort.

- Neil Fiore

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