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The Next Pandemic, Explained

Joe Posner, Ezra Klein

5 mins

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The Next Pandemic, Explained is an objective exploration of the threat that viruses pose to the human race.


The Next Pandemic, Explained

The Next Pandemic, Explained

by Joe Posner


In 2020, many of us learned more about viruses than we ever wanted to. But there is still much that we don't know.

The Next Pandemic, Explained is part of a docuseries produced by Vox, exploring complex and critical topics shaping the modern world. In this episode, Vox highlights what we currently know about viruses and how they spread. Given our current patterns of development, more pandemics are almost certain to arise.

Through interviews with leading experts such as Bill Gates and officials from the CDC, this episode explains the risk that infectious disease spread poses to the global population, and calls on our governments to better prepare for the inevitable.

Favorite quote

If you think of anything that could come along; that would kill millions of people, the pandemic is our biggest risk.

- Bill Gates

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