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The MosquitoBy Timothy C Winegard

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In his bestseller, historian Timothy C. Winegard explains how mosquitoes have shaped the course of human history.

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As the pinnacle purveyor of our extermination, the mosquito has consistently been at the front lines of history as the grim reaper, the harvester of human populations, and the ultimate agent of historical change.

Timothy C. Winegard


Statistical projections indicate that mosquitoes have killed half of all humans that have ever existed.

Maybe more than anything else on Earth, the tiny mosquito has shaped our evolution as a species.

Timothy C. Winegard is Colorado Mesa University's Assistant Professor of History.

Winegard has published numerous articles on the history of both the military and native cultures. Before academia, he served for nine years as an officer in the Canadian and British armed forces.

In 2019's The Mosquito: A Human History of our Deadliest Predator, Winegard uses historical evidence and insight from experts to illustrate the remarkable effect mosquitoes have had on world history.

Winegard's New York Times bestseller provides a fascinating new perspective on human evolution via our species' most bitter rival: the mosquito.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Mosquitoes are by far the deadliest creature to humans
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