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The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers

Bobby Seagull

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Bobby Seagull ditches class and brings math to the real world in his insightful book, The Life Changing Magic of Numbers.


The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers

The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers

by Bobby Seagull


For anyone who has ever bought groceries, taken out a loan, or played a game of cards, math is everywhere in our daily lives. But for many of us, a struggle to grasp math during our school years has left us numb to its charms.

Bobby Seagull is a mathematician, teacher, writer, and former trader for Lehman Brothers who has appeared on TEDx and the BBC. In this book, Seagull seeks to rekindle the beauty of math beyond the school desk. Through Seagull's own life experiences and examples from modern culture, The Life Changing Magic of Numbers takes us on an engaging journey to demonstrate how integral mathematics are to life.

Favorite quote

What numbers gave me was a sense of 'knowing' in a world of conjecture.

- Bobby Seagull

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