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The Intuition Code

Anne Watkins

5 mins

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The Intuition Code provides practical, valuable exercises for inspired decision-making and greater rationality by learning to trust and develop your natural intuitive intelligence.


The Intuition Code

The Intuition Code

by Anne Watkins


Many of us have experienced an intuitive flash of insight at some time or another. However, these skills have traditionally been undervalued in schools and workplaces. For many of us, our intuition is one of our most precious but underused resources. We have the immediate ability to acquire knowledge of something without processing it analytically.

In this course, trainer and therapist Anne Watkins teaches 20 years of valuable principles to free yourself from stress, fear, and anxiety. The Intuition Code allows you to learn to ask skillful questions and cut through the day-to-day noise to find the correct answers.

Favorite quote

The truth is you are naturally intuitive whether you fully realize it or not. It's the faculty of knowledge without reasoning or inference. You were born with the ability to be intuitive, and you still have those skills.

- Anne Watkins

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