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The Exponential Age

Azeem Azhar

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Based on his long-running newsletter and podcast, Azeem Azhar's groundbreaking book takes a forensic look at our changing world and how humanity's advances are shaping our future.


The Exponential Age

The Exponential Age

by Azeem Azhar


Compared to the rapid pace at which technology is accelerating, our society is slow to change. For the first time ever, the rate at which this change is occurring has become constant – and almost impossible to keep up with.

As a journalist and entrepreneur, Azeem Azhar has been fascinated with the ways that the latest innovations in technology profoundly affect the societies that we live in. Through his podcast, The Exponential View, Azhar examines the ways that modern life is being altered as a result of 'exponential technologies.'

In Exponential, Azhar brings together years of research and experience from his unique perspective within the tech industry, offering both stark warnings and reasons to be hopeful.

Favorite quote

Even as I wrote this book, its subject matter was constantly shifting – no sooner would I finish a chapter than it would need to be updated to incorporate new developments. Such are the perils of writing in an age of exponential change.

- Azeem Azhar

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