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The Drama of the Gifted Child

Alice Miller

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In the Drama of the Gifted Child, learn how to confront childhood trauma, avoid passing it on to your own children, release yourself from the pains of the past, and be free to live your life to the full.


The Drama of the Gifted Child

The Drama of the Gifted Child

by Alice Miller


Throughout our lives, we are told that all we have to do to be happy is follow the right path. School, work, family, and you've got it made. Why, then, do so many of us feel miserable and unfulfilled?

Most people have a hard time understanding and connecting with their own emotions once they become adults, which can make life feel difficult.

According to psychologist, psychoanalyst, and philosopher Alice Miller, The key to solving these problems lies in your childhood. Although many view this time nostalgically as an era of freedom and play, many of us hold unconfronted demons from our childhood years. The way you were raised affects how you think and feel now.

In The Drama of the Gifted Child, Miller helps us to discover and confront our demons, bringing us closer to connecting better with ourselves and those around us.

Favorite quote

Experience has taught us that we have only one enduring weapon in our struggle against mental illness: the emotional discovery and emotional acceptance of the truth in the individual and unique history of our childhood.

- Alice Miller

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