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The 4 Minute MillionaireBy Niklas Göke

In a Nutshell

In The 4 Minute Millionaire, veteran blogger Niklas Göke shares financial advice distilled from the world's top money experts to help his readers eliminate debt, build savings, and invest wisely.

Favorite quote

At the end of the day, all change is in your hands. Whether you want to be rich, get fit, or find love, no one can do the work but you. What you can and should do to succeed, however, is take all the help you can get.

Niklas Göke


Financial independence is the ability to live solely off the returns of our investments. For many, it's a goal for much later in life. But what if this kind of financial freedom wasn't something we had to work our entire lives to achieve? What if we could take steps now to make financial independence reachable in under a decade?

Writer Niklas Göke was able to achieve financial independence by age 30, and his work has garnered over 50 million views. In The 4 Minute Millionaire, Göke distills the insights from a variety of money experts into easily digestible lessons. The 44 four-minute lessons cover topics from shifting our money mindset to eliminating debt to mastering investing. Each lesson features an action item to help move us toward our financial goals.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Shifting our mindset about money is essential to improving our financial situation
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