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Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning

Chris Mattia

5 mins

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Chris Mattia covers the fundamentals for teachers interested in 'blended learning,' mixing in-person teaching with navigating the virtual classroom.


Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning

Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning

by Chris Mattia


Recent years have seen the emergence of 'blended teaching,' in which educators incorporate digital technology into their lessons to help their students choose the learning experience that is best for them.

This course is intended for teachers intrigued by this newfound idea of merging face-to-face and online teaching. Educator Chris Mattia explores the various tools and applications available and reveals the simple ways to use them to your advantage.

Favorite quote

One of the great things about blended learning is that it's not an 'all-or-nothing' approach. It's more about picking and choosing the right blend for you, and your students in your class, to produce the best experience.

- Chris Mattia

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