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Talking About Feelings

Adam J. Kurtz

5 mins

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Talking About Feelings is an earnest take on building an authentic voice as a creative.


Talking About Feelings

Talking About Feelings

by Adam J. Kurtz


It's often really hard to maintain authenticity as a creative, and still make enough money to pay the bills. Making a profit is associated with selling out and can quickly make us outcasts in creative circles, but Adam J. Kurtz has been doing it - and he has been doing it really well. Besides having his own range of products available online, he has collaborated on products for retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Strand Bookstore, and Fishs Eddy.

Kurtz has even developed products for the most commercial of companies like Microsoft and Adobe, and yet somehow he has managed to maintain his own unique creative voice and style. His work is a genuine creative outlet of his thoughts and feelings - and it still has commercial value.

In fact, throughout this course he demonstrates how so many of his best-selling pieces of work are actually inspired by real life events and thoughts. By doing so he shows us that it's actually possible to make profit, whilst still maintaining the artistic integrity of our work as creatives. He even shows us how we can begin to build the networks and the collaborations that can make it all possible.

Favorite quote

Don't be too precious.

- Adam J. Kurtz

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