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Talent Is Overrated

Geoff Colvin

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Talent Is Overrated debunks both talent and experience as factors for success and makes a case for deliberate practice, intrinsic motivation, and starting early to reach your goals.


Talent Is Overrated

Talent Is Overrated

by Geoff Colvin


In Talent Is Overrated, Geoff Colvin debunks the myth of natural talent by showing you with concrete examples how true success is made: with patience, discipline, rigor, and mental strength. Getting started as early as possible is a major factor in succeeding in all types of endeavors. Start now and focus on your goals to increase your chances of reaching them.

If you've been desperately trying to understand how you can become more successful and comparing yourself to other 'more talented' people, you'll find out that talent really is a matter of perspective. More often than not, talent isn't an important factor when it comes to a person's achievements. Emotional intelligence and motivation are far more determinant and can predict someone's chances of success with surprising accuracy. These qualities, unlike talent, can be worked on.

Favorite quote

Landing on your butt 20,000 times is where great performance comes from.

- Geoff Colvin

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