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Studying Darwin

The Open University, Natural History Museum

5 mins

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This course from The Open University and the Natural History Museum introduces natural selection, adaptation, and a pioneer of evolutionary biology, Charles Darwin.


Studying Darwin

Studying Darwin

by The Open University


How much do you know about Charles Darwin, one of history's greatest scientists? This course from The Open University introduces us to Darwin, a pioneering naturalist who developed theories of evolution. Darwin's dedication to the natural world and studies of evolutionary biology have defined how we understand the Earth today.

In partnership with the Natural History Museum, this course offers a taste of The Open University's wide array of online courses on Darwinian science. The course covers animals in extreme climates, mammalian adaptation, and Darwin's theory of natural selection to explore the ways organisms have adapted to the Earth today.

Favorite quote

The Beagle sailed out along the Equator 600 miles west of the coast of Ecuador for a four week visit to the Gal√°pagos Archipelago. Here Darwin was overwhelmed by the number of species of birds, shells, insects and animals he had never before encountered.

- The Open University

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