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Strategic Planning Foundations

Mike Figliuolo

5 mins

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In Strategic Planning Foundations, expert strategist Mike Figliuolo teaches you how to level up in your company and become an expert at creating a strong mission for your business.


Strategic Planning Foundations

Strategic Planning Foundations

by Mike Figliuolo


In today's competitive world, having a clear business strategy and model is key to a thriving company. It can be difficult to assess your needs and goals, and finding the right strategy takes trial and error. But what if you could get insight from experts to ace your business strategy development?

Mike Figliuolo is an executive leadership consultant and the founder of thoughtLEADERS, LLC, a professional services training firm. In Strategic Planning Foundations, Figliuolo leverages his experience in business strategy for Fortune 100 companies to help you define your goals and find the perfect spot for your company in today's market.

With Figliuolo's concrete examples and actionable points, you'll learn how to implement analytical techniques to become an expert at strategizing your business mission.

Favorite quote

The market moves too fast now. You should be refreshing and validating your strategy on an annual basis. Strategic planning is a critical element of success.

- Mike Figliuolo

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