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Storytelling for Business

Jamie Jensen

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course provides a thorough analysis of how successful businesses and brands create stories that stick with people.


Storytelling for Business

Storytelling for Business

by Jamie Jensen


Humans need stories. Since the dawn of mankind, we have gathered and shared them. In business, stories act as a bridge between the buyers' emotional universe and merchandise. Every product needs a story, whether it's your new phone, car, or even that healthy juice you just bought.

Jamie Jensen is an award-winning screenwriter who went on to employ her storytelling skills in online marketing and copywriting, helping hundreds of businesses improve their brand image and directly increasing their profits and conversion rates. In this course, Jensen shares the secrets to her success at coming up with stories that help people connect with the brand and the products they're buying. Storytelling for Businesses is all about coming up with content that will establish that meaningful connection with customers.

Favorite quote

Story connects us as human beings. One of the things that I really love about story is that it is human. You're already storytellers.

- Jamie Jensen

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