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Sex Explained

Ezra Klein

5 mins

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Sex, Explained is a detailed exploration of all stages of the sexual journey, from arousal and attraction through to fertility and childbirth.


Sex Explained

Sex Explained

by Ezra Klein


Sex. It's a taboo topic in many cultures. Sex and reproduction is pivotal to the survival of our species, so why is there still so much about it that we don't know or discuss? From fetishes and attractions, to contraceptives, fertility and birth itself, it's staggering how much the general public aren't aware of, and how much scientists and statisticians are still discovering.

Sex, Explained challenges your preconceived notions of fantasies, explaining how you're likely to fantasize at least one of three scenarios, and explores the inner workings of our psyche when it comes to sexual attraction and who we're interested in. It also guides us through the range of options for birth control, explains the complexity of conception and why so many couples struggle conceiving, and explores the various experiences women have had giving birth throughout history.

As with other entries in the Explained franchise on Netflix, Sex, Explained is made by Vox. It supports facts with a range of statistics, and includes various interviews with those who've had personal experience with topics such as fertility.

Favorite quote

Fertilization is like a labyrinth… and the labyrinth is unsolvable, except in that brief golden window… a delicate hormonal cocktail has put everything in place.

- Janelle Monáe, narrator

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