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Self-Care Through Creativity

Sarah Beth Morgan, Youhjung Son

5 mins

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Self-Care Through Creativity provides expert advice on using art to treat anxiety by focusing on the process of creation rather than the outcome.


Self-Care Through Creativity

Self-Care Through Creativity

by Sarah Beth Morgan


For many of us, making art is either our profession or completely outside our wheelhouse. We may never have considered using art to combat our looming anxiety and quiet the relentless internal struggle.

Self-Care Through Creativity is a Skillshare course from freelance illustrator Sarah Beth Morgan and art therapist Youhjung Son. Through personal experience, Morgan has recognized that drawing is both a professional skill and a coping mechanism for the anxieties of the modern world.

In this course, Morgan leads students through the mental and creative process of transforming their emotions into art. With the help of board-certified art therapist Son, Morgan provides insight into the therapeutic benefits of art and how to use it as a method for healing and self-expression.

Favorite quote

This class isn't meant to glorify anxiety or struggle. Rather it's here to normalize mental health in the realm of art and to help you explore your inner emotions and funnel them into art you're proud of.

- Sarah Beth Morgan

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