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See You on the Internet

Avery Swartz

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See You on the Internet takes you through the basics of digitally promoting a small business – even if you feel like you're hopelessly out of touch with modern technology.


See You on the Internet

See You on the Internet

by Avery Swartz


For many of us, the world of online marketing can seem alien, even hostile, and this is particularly true when it comes to small and local businesses. But for all the specifics of platforms and strategies, the principles of planning, pacing, and measurement for online ads are similar to those that operate in the analog world.

Avery Swartz is CEO of Camp Tech, the successful operation she founded to explain the mysteries of digital marketing in relatable terms. Swartz is also the resident tech expert on CTV's national show Your Morning.

In this book, the author patiently guides the reader through getting started with digital marketing, reassuring them that they can handle it themselves. From basic building blocks to common missteps, online marketing is a language that anyone can learn.

Favorite quote

There may be a giant voice in your head saying you can't do this. But, like me, you can do this.

- Avery Swartz

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