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Ali Tabrizi

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Filmmaker Ali Tabrizi unveils the dangerous secrets and corruption of the global fishing industry, as well as the devastating impact it's having on the ocean.




by Ali Tabrizi


Do you know where the fish on your plate comes from and how it was caught? What we do know is that fish populations are declining rapidly. The global demand for fish has led to overfishing, environmental devastation, and corruption.

Filmmaker and director Ali Tabrizi takes us on a journey of discovery in his documentary, Seaspiracy, highlighting how the global fishing industry can work out of sight, and out of mind. Through risky investigative filmmaking and enlightening interviews with a myriad of industry experts and representatives, Tabrizi brings the corruption, human rights abuses, and environmental impact of the fishing industry to light.

Favorite quote

I realized the single best thing I could do every single day to protect the ocean and the marine life I loved, was to simply ... not eat them.

- Ali Tabrizi

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