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Book Hack
Rich Dad Poor DadBy Robert T. Kiyosaki

In a Nutshell

Rich Dad Poor Dad demonstrates how you can be in charge of your own finances and success if you simply diverge from the mainstream path of 'study hard, do well in school, and get a steady job.'

Favorite Quote

If the donkey could see the whole picture, it might rethink its choice to chase the carrot.

Robert Kiyosaki


Business author Robert Kiyosaki was born in Hawaii to a middle-class family, but he and his best friend Mike were the poorest kids in their school.

Kiyosaki's dad was well educated and provided him with the usual advice: study hard, go to college, get ahead.

But Mike's father took a different approach. A maverick businessman, he did things a little differently and was soon as wealthy as his neighbors.

Rich Dad Poor Dad shares the lessons Kiyosaki gained by being taken under the wing of his friend's family.

Kiyosaki's book struck a chord on its initial publication in 1997, going on to sell over 32 million copies and spawning a mini-empire.

In this Hack, you can find out some of Kiyosaki's secrets to success.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Real-world finance is not taught in schools
  2. 2.
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