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Reset Your Money Mindset

Tonya Rapley

5 mins

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Manage your finances more effectively as money expert Tonya Rapley shares practical insights and strategies on how to achieve true financial success, by regaining control of your spending and developing a positive money mindset.


Reset Your Money Mindset

Reset Your Money Mindset

by Tonya Rapley


In today's world, perhaps fuelled by the 'perfect lives' we constantly see splashed over social media, we end up buying things we don't need as a way to somehow meet our perception of worth and success.

Before we know it, we're working to sustain a lifestyle that's far beyond our means. Sound familiar? Many have fallen into this trap before. It's why internationally-recognized 'millennial money expert' Tonya Rapley has built a course to help you take back control of your finances.

The founder of award-winning site My Fab Finance, Rapley's mission is to provide help for anyone who feels like they missed important lessons at school – like how to become financially literate.

Favorite quote

We start buying things because they're a reflection of our worth, and thus a reflection of our success – but then we get into the cycle where things begin to own us. Before we know it, we're working to pay bills.

- Tonya Rapley

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