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Recovering from a Layoff

Brie Reynolds

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Discover how to find your way back into employment as career expert Brie Reynolds shares some strategies on how to develop a structured recovery plan after unexpectedly losing your job.


Recovering from a Layoff

Recovering from a Layoff

by Brie Reynolds


Being laid off can be a shocking, shameful, and incredibly hurtful experience. You might not have any idea - or at least, motivation - about what to do next. Fortunately, a layoff is not the end of your career, and you can always find your way back into employment with the help of the tips and advice from career expert Brie Reynolds.

Reynolds is the Director of Content at FlexJobs, a job search website for telecommuting and other various flexible jobs. A career advisor for over 10 years, Reynolds is passionate about helping job seekers.

In this course, Reynolds walks us through the step-by-step process of recovering from a layoff, from dealing with initial grief, to landing a better job opportunity. You'll learn the necessary steps you need to take right after being laid off, and strategies in developing a structured recovery plan to help you bounce back into employment.

Favorite quote

Acknowledge closed doors for only as long as it's necessary for us to move past it, so that we don't miss the doors opening up ahead of us.

- Brie Reynolds

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