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Proteins: Biology's Workforce

Elizabeth Eich, Daniel J. Catanese, Rice University

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This edX course from Rice University discusses the structure, function, and characterization of proteins within the human body.


Proteins: Biology's Workforce

Proteins: Biology's Workforce

by Elizabeth Eich


Most of us remember learning that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. But did you know that we would be nothing without proteins? Proteins are small but mighty cellular components that drive almost all biological functions.

Proteins: Biology's Workforce is run by Elizabeth Eich, a biosciences professor at Rice University, and her colleague Daniel J. Catanese, an assistant teaching professor. In this course, you'll explore the structure of proteins, their various functions, and how they can be characterized.

Favorite quote

If DNA is like a blueprint, then proteins are like the structure that the blueprint describes.

- Kathleen Matthews, Professor Emeritus of Biosciences, Rice University

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