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Problem Solving Techniques

Chris Croft

5 mins

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Problem Solving Techniques shows how to deal with short- and long-term problems in the most efficient way, managing to balance creativity with making decisions.


Problem Solving Techniques

Problem Solving Techniques

by Chris Croft


Whether it's in business or our personal life, we're constantly faced with situations that require problem solving. It never goes away. Most of what we do comes down to problem solving, and learning to do it efficiently should be everyone's priority.

In this course, Chris Croft guides us through various techniques for identifying problems, and breaking them down into 'symptoms', so that they then become easier to recognize as part of the bigger issue. Effective problem solving has three phases: identifying the real problem, generating possible solutions, and selecting the best one. To become better at problem solving, we have to learn to think about our options even before making decisions.

Croft explains the importance of using mind maps and decision trees to problem solve, as well as boosting creativity, intuition, and logic to contribute to more insightful solutions. Though often conflicting processes, creativity and decision making are key to solving problems and seeing the bigger picture. Creativity emerges when considering your options and possible solutions to the issue at hand, while decision making helps to select the right one and get you to the best outcome.

Favorite quote

Every problem that comes up is a chance for all of us to improve what we do.

- Chris Croft

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