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Prey examines mass immigration, sexual violence, and women's rights in a changing Europe that faces both challenges and opportunities from rising migration.




by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Debates around the mass migration and societal integration of migrants from Muslim-majority nations into Europe have markedly increased over the past decade. But between the rise of extreme right wing populist parties and a divided left and center, no one has proposed effective policy solutions to a complex cross-cultural phenomenon.

As a Somali-born Dutch-American former politician, author, feminist, and outspoken critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is renowned for her advocacy work for the rights of Muslim women. However, she has also incurred controversy for her sharp critiques of Islam.

In her book Prey, Hirsi Ali argues that migration from the Muslim world to Europe has led to a rise in sexual violence against women, and increasing violation of their autonomy. An immigrant and former asylum seeker herself, she considers the erosion of women's rights a profound threat to western liberal values that requires urgent attention.

Favorite quote

Many authors have written about the clash of cultures between Islam and the West. But I believe women deserve to be the central focus of discussion.

- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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