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Overcoming Procrastination

Brenda Bailey-Hughes

5 mins

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Overcoming Procrastination shares valuable insights into why we procrastinate, providing customized strategies for conquering time-wasting and taking action.


Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

by Brenda Bailey-Hughes


Time-wasting is one of the biggest things that hinder us from accomplishing our goals. Regardless of how tempting it may be, it's time to say goodbye to procrastination.

Brenda Bailey-Hughes is a speaker, communication coach, and Indiana University lecturer. In Overcoming Procrastination, Bailey-Hughes shares her proven techniques for conquering time-wasting, helping us understand and address common reasons for stalling and overcome procrastination once and for all.

Favorite quote

Procrastination is a habit, not a personality flaw, so you can put an end to putting it off.

- Brenda Bailey-Hughes

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