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Malcolm Gladwell

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Outliers debunks the 'self-made man' myth and dives deep into the events and opportunities that often propel the success of the best people in their field.




by Malcolm Gladwell


What is it that makes excellence? Is it something that can be practiced, or some imitable natural gift? Malcolm Gladwell is a bestselling author, former staff writer for the New Yorker, and public speaker. In Outliers, Gladwell explores the secrets lying behind the success of world leaders, athletes, and record-breakers in all fields. He outlines the 10 000-hour rule that stipulates this amount of time is the minimum needed to truly master a subject or task. Gladwell doesn't turn a blind eye to the structures of privilege and inheritance that spur the success of many — for him, where we're from always plays a role in the direction that our life takes.

Favorite quote

Who we are cannot be separated from where we're from.

- Malcolm Gladwell

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