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OnlyFans: Selling Sexy

Bella Thorne, ABC News

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This insightful documentary provides a glimpse into the online sex work industry by analyzing the rise in OnlyFans' popularity and the lives of its creators.


OnlyFans: Selling Sexy

OnlyFans: Selling Sexy

by Bella Thorne


In the midst of the economic crash following the COVID-19 pandemic, one company did surprisingly well. OnlyFans, a platform for subscription-based live streaming favored by sex workers, found its business booming as hundreds of thousands of newly isolated people logged on in search of intimacy. The platform gained even more popularity with the involvement of celebrities – including actress and model Bella Thorne.

In this ABC News Originals documentary, we follow Thorne in her transition from Disney favorite to adult director and performer. Showcasing the controversy, media coverage, and economics behind the platform and its promotion, OnlyFans: Selling Sexy explores the double-edged nature of the sex industry in the virtual age.

Favorite quote

Where on Instagram you have influencers selling a product, on OnlyFans the person themselves is the product.

- Jason Parham, senior writer, Wired

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