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On Confidence

The School of Life, Alain de Botton

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On Confidence is a philosophical introduction to the art of confidence, delivering practical tips for increasing your self-esteem and bettering both your life and relationships.


On Confidence

On Confidence

by The School of Life


A touch of confidence can turn any daunting endeavor into an interesting and achievable pursuit. Confidence is key to leading a fulfilling life that is - somewhat - within your control.

On Confidence is an essay published by The School of Life – a global education company founded by philosopher Alain de Botton and artist and author Sophie Howarth. The school's focus on philosophy for daily life has produced countless works that tackle modern life issues and debunk complex philosophical concepts for their audience.

Most of us feel confident in our area of expertise. However, we wish for a deep-set feeling of confidence we could carry into social, professional, and intimate situations. This is an achievable goal; it just takes some conscious effort. With a shift in perspective, a little bit of self-awareness, and the ability to feed into your inner desires, you'll be able to increase your confidence and claim agency over your own life.

Favorite quote

It can be humbling to realize just how many great achievements haven't been the results of superior talent or technical know-how, merely that strange buoyancy of the soul that we call confidence.

- The School of Life

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