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Movement as Self-KindnessBy Erica Webb

In a Nutshell

Movement as an act of self-kindness fosters self-trust and supports you to shift physical tension and pain.

Favorite Quote

A pursuit of physical health that ignores your mental health isn't a health pursuit at all. If you stop trying to squish and fix and perfect your body, you open up so much space to ask yourself what you really want and need. This is where it starts — it starts with self-kindness.

Erica Webb


You know movement and exercise are ‘good for you.’

But you also find yourself getting stuck in a loop of guilt and shame or an all-or-nothing mindset regarding your movement practices and taking care of yourself.

Guilt is not a healthy source of motivation, but what’s the alternative?

Erica Webb is a mindful movement coach and self-kindness advocate.

Erica works at the intersection of mind and body to support humans to embrace their humanity and utilise the power of movement practices to shift physical tightness and tension, all while being kind to themselves.

Through a shift in mindset, it truly is possible to move with kindness and find simple, sustainable practices that allow you to be in conversation with your body, rather than feeling like you’re in a constant battle with it.

That mindset shift? Self-kindness.

Instead of relying on guilt and shame, a self-kindness approach acknowledges the intelligence of your body.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Your body is your ally
  2. 2.
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