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Mindfulness Practices

Henna Inam

5 mins

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Working in any organization can be stressful. In this course, Henna Inam highlights some mindfulness habits to help you become a more successful employee.


Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness Practices

by Henna Inam


Every workplace goes through changes, but these changes can come with some disadvantages like stress. While companies need employees with flexibility, workers need to find ways to stay flexible while taking care of their mental health. And the best way to do this effectively is mindfulness.

Although paying attention to the present moment sounds simple, mindfulness is a practical skill that takes some training. Fortunately, instructor Henna Inam has spent over a decade working with notable companies as a mindfulness coach after having served as a C-Level leader at Fortune-500 companies. In this course, Inam explains the art of mindfulness, using the steps she used to turn her career around to provide insights into how we can harness mindful practices for work success.

Favorite quote

I believe human beings need to evolve because our workplaces need people who can lead with inspiration amid change.

- Henna Inam

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