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Maybe Baby

Kate Lawler

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In this book, television personality Kate Lawler gives readers an inside look into her motherhood journey and how she learned to love her life.


Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby

by Kate Lawler


Every woman is asked when she is planning on having children, regardless of her stance on parenthood. Some women can't wait to welcome their own child into the world; others know they want to live a child-free life. What happens when you're in the middle?

English television personality and host of the Maybe Baby podcast, Kate Lawler, struggled with her motherhood decision for years. Lawler's book, Maybe Baby: On the Mother Side, sheds light on her journey of becoming a mother and the struggles she faced adjusting to her new lifestyle. Throughout the book, Lawler opens up about her delivery experience, postpartum depression, and managing parenting anxiety.

Favorite quote

I hope that by putting it all out here I might help someone out there. I wish I'd known sooner that it could feel like this, both the good bits and the bad bits, and just remember: it's OK to need help sometimes.

- Kate Lawler

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