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Bernardine Evaristo

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Bernardine Evaristo, the first Black woman to win the prestigious Booker Prize for fiction, vividly describes the 40-year-long journey to her overnight success, providing inspiration for those on their own path.




by Bernardine Evaristo


While many only became aware of Bernardine Evaristo following her 2019 Booker Prize, she was already well established on the literary scene. The breakthrough book Girl, Woman, Other was the author's eighth published work, in addition to earlier theatrical productions.

With the subtitle 'On Never Giving Up', this memoir demonstrates how Evaristo retained her self-belief despite growing up in a racist environment and facing significant obstacles in later life. Candid about the relationships that shaped the author, and refreshingly free with advice on creativity, Manifesto draws on a remarkable life to provide an inspirational message for anyone seeking to keep their creative faith in the face of setbacks.

Favorite quote

The creative process for me is an experiment – trial and error – a trip into the unknown, which leads to new discoveries.

- Bernardine Evaristo

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